If we optimize our website then we will get better ranking for that website. Today I am posting this article because everyone wants to know the Ranking Factors Of Search Engine.
Google uses some algorithms to rank a website. Everyone knows this but here we can find some ranking factors of Search Engine.

Domain Factors:
Domain also place major role in search engine ranking.

Name of the Domain: 
Domain name and Length of a domain also one of the major factor for SEO Rankings.

Domain Age:
Age of a domain is also effect on SEO Rankings, I think it is not a very much important and keywords in the domain name will highly effect on search engine rankings.

Domain Extension:
First we will focus on targeting global or local market?
  • If you are targeting local markets it depends on preferable extension with specified country like .in,  .uk, .us etc.,
  • If you targeting global market then you will select extensions like .com, .net, .org etc.,
Infographic Source: Backlinko and SingleGrain

On-Page Factors:

Meta Tags & Title:

Meta tags & Title are very important for every webpage also maintain page titles properly,
Meta description and Meta keywords for all pages of every  website.

Header Tags:

We will use the  Header tags in each and every page of the website. Use the targeted keywords in header tags.

Content of the Website:

Always take unique and fresh content in a webpage. Don’t copy content from anywhere, because the search engines always crawl all the content in every website. If you use any copy content then mention the source from where you are copied.

Structure of the URL:

Use the URL in the correct way like and  try to put keywords in URL and avoid auto-generated URL structure and numeric characters. if we use the keywords in URL then they will increase visibility of the web page in search engine.

Internal Linking:

This is nothing but  webpage linking with existing website. Because this is also one of the main factor in SEO On-page Optimization.


Off-Page Factors:

Building of Back links:

The most important factor in SEO Off-Page Optimization is back links.
if we increase the back links to our website from other websites.
Below you can see some ways to increasing the back links to the website.
  • Submission in the Directory 
  • Postings in Forums
  • Article Submission
  • Guest Posting
  • Press Releases
  • Image / Info-graphic Sharing 
  • Video Sharing 
  • Sharing of PPT's
  • Creating blogs and pages 
  • Commenting in other blogs
  • Exchange the Links

Submission in Search Engines:

We will submit our website to main search engines whenever we will make changes in our website.

Connecting through Social Media: 

Social media plays a major role in search engine optimization. most of the web traffic will comes from social media websites like Facebook, twitter etc.,

Site Level Factors:

There are some site-level factors are also there it’s also impact on Search engine Rankings.


Sitemaps are nothing but they will helpful in index & crawling of each an every page in our website. Sitemaps are also helpful in understating of any website like what is going on a website.

Tools Integration:

Major Tools are Google web-master tool and Bing Webmaster tools. If we  verify our website by using these tools then there is a chance of a website  to better optimize for search engines.

Mobile Optimization:

First we will optimize our website for mobile. If it not optimized for the mobile then try to optimize your website for mobile and other devices because In today's world people are searching for information in mobile devices so that this factor is affecting on search rankings.

Hope I gave much information here. If you know any other information then share them through comment section.

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