Tutorial on Blogger: Blogger is a good interface to blog that what makes it widely used by new bloggers and even professional bloggers. But some people worried about customizing blogger template.

So we are providing Tutorial On How To Change Blogger Template Easily. Read the below post and find the procedure on how to change the blogger template.

My Journey On Blogger

When I start my blogging journey, i have used blogger, That time I Only used Blogger default templates. But as I continue learning more about blogging I feel that default templates are not so much attractive and professional.

They do not even search engine optimized because they all designed many years ago and didn't even updated a single time after that.

Search engines like Google have updated its search algorithms many times, and they are continuously updating to improve search results and user’s experience. That’s why it is important for us as a blogger that we used SEO friendly template for our blog.

Why We Should change Our Blogger Default Template

We should change our blog’s default theme with any third party templates. That’s why I am posting this tutorial to help bloggers so that you can learn how to change the template in blogger.

Many blogger templates are there at free of cost available on the internet. So just download those and upload the template to your blog. Once we finished downloading those. Then you want to change your blog’s look to, then you can proceed to the following steps.

Tutorial On How To Change Blogger Template

Once you have your template, perform below steps.

Step 1:

To change the template for your blog, first you need to log in to your Blogger account.

Step 2:

Then you will click on the drop down menu, the side of your Blog Bar, then scroll down to TEMPLATE.


Step 3:

Once you have clicked on it, you can backup and also restore your template, backup means you have to download your template before changing it or editing it.


Step 4:

First you should download your existing template as a backup. So you will click on Download full template button.

Step 5:

Now click on Choose File button and choose your new template which you want to apply to your blog.


Then you are done this tutorial. Congratulations you have completed this tutorial successfully. 

Note:  It always performs above steps for backup your old template before uploading or changing the blogger template in case you want to switch it back to the old one you can easily upload it via this step.

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