Keyboard Shortcuts: We have already provided many blogger tutorials. Now we are prioviding one more Tutorial on Keyboard Shortcuts For Blogger Post Editor.


Keyboard shortcuts are very useful for everyone. We all are looking for doing tasks as quickly as feasible by using shortcuts. That is why people are searching computer keyboard shortcuts. Blogger.com is a great platform for blogging.

Why We Need Keyboard Shortcuts

Plenty of new bloggers start their walking a blog life with blogger.com. I am also started my blog life with blogger. Actually this is a great platform for every blog, web design and also web development.
This is a part of Google. Blogger.com makes it simple and gives a simple user friendly environment that anyone can use it easily.

I recommend you for starting your new blogging life with blogger. You do not need to pay and you can learn all basic things from blogger.The service of blogger.com is totally free and anyone can easily start their blogging life from here.

After starting blogging life with blogger.com then you can write blog post through blogger post editor. When you use blogger post editor for writing your post. But you are trying to use keyboard shortcuts.

But maximum time new users do not use keyboard shortcuts in the blogger post editor. Blogger keyboard shortcuts helps you to write post easily and quickly.

Keyboard Shortcuts For The Blogger Post Editor

So here  I am going to tell some important keyboard shortcuts of the blogger post editor.

CTRL + D AutoSave as Draft
CTRL + C Copy Selected Text
CTRL + V Paste Copied Text
CTRL + Z Undo
CTRL + Y Redo
CTRL + X Cut
CTRL + A Highlight the All text
CTRL + F To Find a Word or Phrase
CTRL + S To Auto Save and Keep editing
CTRL + L Format selected text as blockquote
(only works in HTML mode)
CTRL + BBold the Selected text
CTRL + UUnderline the Selected text
CTRL + SHIFT + PTo Preview the post
CTRL + GTransliterate using Indian font
CTRL + PTo Publish the post
CTRL + IChange To Italic
CTRL + SHIFT + ATo Insert Hyperlink

If anyone know any keyboard shortcut which is using in Blogger post editor but I have not mentioned above yet. Kindly share it with us through comments section.

I expect that this information will may help you to save your valuable time and work in blogger post editor comfortably. Keep visiting our website for more posts mainly on blogger tutorials. 

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