Blogger Widget for Contact Us Form

Widget Name: Contact Us Form 
About this widget: Coming to Blogger it is a most popular and well known platform for creating free blogs and websites. Blogger is introducing a lot of new facilities for Newbie's bloggers and professionals.

   Blogger is recently introduced new Contact Us form widget for bloggers. Which is essential for everyone. Blogger new Contact Us form is a very nice and beautiful small contact form which we can set in the sidebar of our website / blog.

How to Add Contact Us Form in Blogger:

  1. First Go To Blogger > Layout 
  2. Then Click on Add A Gadget 
  3. Then Click on More Gadgets Button and click on Contact Form Button as showing in the following screen shot.
  4. Just by clicking on save button you can add this in your blog / site. Adjust the position of contact form in your sidebar.
  5. Now You will get  Contact Us Form in your blog/website like below. Enjoy this new feature now !
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