Coming to smart phones there are some options to securely removing your valuable data from your smartphones. But Still there are some measures you will take whenever you selling your smartphone.
Don't worry here i will tell some precautions. Try to follow.

Normally you will follow few basic things whenever selling your smartphone like as follows:

==> Copy/transfer your data to new phone or other device which backup of your smartphone data.
 Whenever you are trying to copy your data to other phone or device simply using below softwares.
Some websites are providing software's like Mobile Trans
This is a windows software.


==> Permanently delete/Erace your data this is a main step in this process 
 A factory reset or manual deletion does not deeply erace your phone information. For this process you can use SafeEraser 
==> Removing your Sim card most of the data is stored in internal storage or micro SD card. It is still possible for contacts or call logs to be kept on your Simcard. So people who are looking to buying your phone no need for this. Most of the phones including iphone and android phones are having simcards.


==> Removing your SD card it is not mandatory to having Sdcard for every phone but some Android phones still do. If you have microSdcard in your smartphone then there are no chances to give your SD card with your smartphone. For best performance keep that sdcard with you only.


==> Erase and format your SD card: For this process it is mandatory to include your microSD card with your phone, then you will at least want to erase and format it. You can usually do this via the Settings app. You can also do it by connecting it to a LAPTOP/PC then you can follow the instructions.


At last don't forget to remove your smartphone accessories like cases if you don't want to include with your selling. Because some cases can cost a few Rupees or Dollars.

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