Some days back I found one app in Google Chrome Web Store. It is a Chrome Extension it is used to Publish Audio Comments on Any Facebook status update of your choice. This is a new Trick that for many Facebook users. I think this is the first time you found on web store. 

So, you can perform this trick on your friend's Status and see the magic.
talk and comment

For the process you can follow below steps: 

Step 1: First you need to open Google Chrome Browser. Search in Chrome web store => type Talk and Comment in search box.

Step 2: Now then download and Install Talk and Comment Extension from Google play store.

Step 3: Once the extension is successfully Installed in your Browser, it will automatically open new Tab where it will ask for your permission to use your MIC. Then click on Allow.

Step 4: Now the extension installation part is Complete, Now the process will begins here. So, Login to your Facebook account. You will see Mic Icon added to your Comment box and Chat box. If you see it then you are get it in right way.

Step 5: To publish your Audio comment on your Friend's Facebook status or to send them audio message it is simple you can click and hold that MIC icon, Now Speak to Record your Comment/Message.

Step 6: Once you are done with that recording part, simply release the MIC icon to Upload the audio. You will see a link, press enter to publish your comment or send your audio message to your friends.

From below you can see the Official Video by the Developer of this Chrome Extension. You can see the above explaining the Steps in this one.

For the Chrome Extension link click below
Talk and Comment

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