Nowadays Web Designing is helpful in designing websites. I recently told about web designing.

  • When we are ready to learn web design the first thing we should remember is that web design is very similar to normal design in many ways. The basics are all the same. 

You need to understand -----------
  • 1. Scope and Layout
  • 2. How to handle fonts and colors, and how to put it all together in a way that delivers our thoughts effectively. 

The following articles will be helpful for learning web design in a perfect manner. So that we will act like a professional web developer. 
The key points are:

  1. Elements of Good Design
  2. Design the Layout of a Web Page
  3. Fonts and Typography
  4. Usage of Color
  5. Graphics and Images
  6. Approach The Web Navigation
  7. Accessibility and Usability
  8. Web Design Software 

Elements of Good Design: 

This is is merely a good tool to create form and content. Good web design is the same as developing good design. But we will understand that what makes a good design. We will be able to apply below rules to our web design. The elements of good design apply whether you are designing a web page, a business card. And the below points will help you understand the important features of good design.

Line--> The Graphic Unifier, Curved, Straight. 

Directional Thrust-->Horizontal, Vertical, and Diagonal.

Shape--> Organic or Naturalistic, Geometric.

Size--> Large, Medium, Small, Proportion or Scale

Value--> From Light to medium to Dark.

Color--> Value, Chroma, Hue, color wheel

Gradation--> Transitions.

Texture--> Rough, Smooth, Soft, Hard.

Unity--> Echoes of all elements relating.

Rhythm--> Variety and Repetition.

Contrast--> Alternation.

Dominance--> Within each element.

Balance--> With the commonly known as “weights” of the segments of each element.

Harmony--> Within each element and as a whole.

Design the Layout of a Web Page: 


Many people think that the layout  of the design in many ways. Layout is the way that the elements are positioned on the page. Once we understand the basic principles of web design then we can start placing the elements on the page. By creating a great web layout, we can create the bones of an amazing design. And the below rules will help you learn what makes a great layout great and how to apply that to your web designs.

How to Decide Where our Elements Should go in the Layout

Once we have Decided the Placement then we can learn the Basics of How to Layout Web Pages

Basics of Web Layout

Responsive Web Design

How to Build a Responsive Design for our Website

Table-less Layouts using CSS to Layout Web Pages

Most Web Layouts are Formed from Grids

Key Component of Layout is White Space

Sample Layout Alignments for Web Pages

How Long Should our Web Page Be

Fixed Width Layouts Versus Liquid Layouts

Layout Templates

Learn Even More About Web Page Layout

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