Blogger Organic Traffic: To get success in blogging journey, we not only focus on the content but also we need to get traffic. So here I am writing this post on How To Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts For More Organic Traffic.
Blog organic traffic generation

There are many factors we need to take care on our blog. If we get the organic traffic from search engines then it will be better to get success. Check below lines to get important tips to get Organic traffic from Search Engines

How To Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts For More Organic Traffic

First we need to check below two points. Then you will get some tips to write SEO friendly blog posts. 

1. Optimizing Your Posts

It is the very important thing to focus on the posts optimization. If your content is low quality then it will not show up in search results. Before writing your blog posts, you need to gather valuable materials, good topic and attractive images. 

2. Length of the contents

If you write the good quality posts and which long, then there are more chances to get it rank. According to my experience if you write more than 500 words then it will easily rank in search results. 

So you will get the organic traffic. To see this tip in your own way then simply go to google search and type any type the query. Afterwards, see the top ten results. Most of the results have more than 500 words content. 

Tips To Optimize Blog Posts

Check below tips to optimize your blog posts in a good manner. 

Write Clearly

Always write natural and clear contents with good points. while writing your blog posts, you need to know that content fully. Also, focus on the targeted keyword. Try to use the Long Search Intent (LSI) keywords. Content is always king. So if you write good content then you can easily drive huge traffic. 

Title Tags

When you are writing long posts, it is important to use Title Tags. Because these tags will divide the whole article into a better way to understand. There are six tags to use in the content like H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6.
post title tags

Keep in mind that you will use the H1 Tag only once. But you can use remaining tags in your preferred number. 

Optimizing Images

It is the very important task to optimize the images in order to get traffic. After writing the content, at the time of uploading images, you need to have the proper names for images like "SEO-friendly-blog-post.jpg". Never upload the images with the names like "1234.jpg"

Internal Linking

Every time you need to add the internal links in blog posts. Like, add the SEO related post links if you are writing the post on Blog traffic sources. In this way, readers will easily get more required information. 

Meta Description

I think we need to focus on this point carefully. Because Meta Description will give the overview of any topic. In terms of SEO, we must add the meta description to every post. Usually, we will write the meta description in the limit of 150 characters. 

I hope that this post will help you in rank higher in search results with organic traffic. Keep visiting this website for more posts on SEO, Blogging, and other best topics. 

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